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Cross Liquid Filters
Cross has developed a unique, patented coil spring filter
That is not only affordable but can also claim to be “the only 100% self-cleaning filter” available.  SSI is excited to feature these filters as part of their innovative remediation technologies.

This ingenious variable pitch coil with precise "nidges" on the spring surfaces achieve absolute micron ratings.

The technology at the centre of each Cross Filter is a stainless steel spiral coil with raised nidges on the surface which produces a precise filtration gap. Liquid can pass through the gaps in the coil but particles above the required filtration rating are trapped. The trapped particles are washed away quickly and thoroughly by backwashing, reversing the flow across the coil, forcing it to open slightly and completely flushing any debris out of the system.

100% Cleaning with Every Backwash
Filtering (left) / Backwashing (right)
The zero gravity coil design enables filter elements to be completely cleaned with every backwash, minimizing backwash frequency and liquid loss.
Product line-up: ZGF filters come in a modular designed product line which cover small to unlimited flow rates and with the following absolute/precise micron ratings and recommended single element flow rate:

Absolute Microns

Flow rate per element


7 gpm


15 gpm


25 gpm


30-35 gpm

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