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For those applications that do require more than just simple on/off switching, a PLC based control system is the answer.  A PLC can process multiple analog and digital signals enabling additional control and data monitoring as an integrated function of a remediation system.  Additionally, telemetry can be easily implemented to fully interface remotely with SSI systems via any telephone or internet connection.

SSI’s PLC control packages are highly effective and economical solutions for automated control and monitoring of environmental remediation systems.  SSI uses exceptionally compact yet remarkably capable programmable logic controllers (such as Allen Bradley and Siemens); we couple these PLC’s with the most up-to-date remediation technologies available, togetherwe are able todeliver  powerful solutions at affordable, commodity pricing.

PLCs added benefits

  • They are modular and can be expanded
  • Each module can process multiple signals, this greatly reduces wiring that would be required for a relay based panel
Both PLC and Relay Logic can be implemented with auto dialers.

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